Introduce Myself

Hi there. My name is Wani Madelina. I am an Assistant Manager in a Singapore hotel’s F&B outlet. My love for food has started since I was young. I started my adventure in cooking when I was 22 years old and until now, as I became a mother of one. My hashtag #wanicancook is inspired by Yan Can Cook because I love his shows.

Singapore is a country bound by its diverse cultures. There are so many dishes out there just waiting for you to explore. Honestly, I find cooking quite time-consuming, especially for a hotelier like me. I believe it is quite tiresome for you as well. Furthermore, for a Muslim like me, I have always been interested in international cuisines but it is quite hard to find halal-based recipes. But fret no more, because #wanicancook will give you those recipes that you have always thought of and in halal version. I made an oath to myself that I will invest some time and money to research and reinvent halal recipes to perfection. This is just a personal blog where I keep all my research so you might find some recipes similar to others. I do not claim any of the recipes mine. It’s just for me to keep track so that I can reminiscence the joy cooking these creations and share the sweet outcomes with my family. In fact, cooking is one of the factors that made my husband fell for me.

I would like to start sharing my recipes on this blog because:

  • It is a common platform as my family and friends have been asking about it
  • I would love to connect to workaholics out there and say that even tho you do not have time, you can still cook because I have done my research and my recipes will be as simple as it gets for you
  • This is a one-stop search area for you to find the simplest yet halal recipe for your next cookout
  • I can reach out to everyone out there as an inspiration and also find more inspiration from your feedbacks and suggestions

Please feel free to send me your suggestions of what I should cook next via Facebook or Instagram or in any of the comments. I hope this blog can benefit most of you in your own adventure in cooking. Don’t forget to tag me at #wanicancook on your social media post. 🙂

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